Claudia Kuyken at the Royal Museum of Fine ArtsClaudia Kuyken exhibits at The Royal Museum of Fine Arts

Claudia Kuyken exhibits her glass artwork: The World is beautiful….you only have to look! in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (BE). The exhibition can be visited from 22-12-2022 to 23-01-2023.

The glass artwork: The world is beautiful, you only have to look is a symbolic work. The work has two glass doors at both ends, which can be opened. But it is not necessary, just look……. and find out how beautiful the World is.

With this work I want to inspire everyone who is struggling in any form and also encourage the preservation of our planet. Not only for us, but also for our children.

The artwork is inspired by the Painting: Aanbidding door de koningen by Peter Paul Rubens where the newborn baby Jesus is worshipped.

This work hopes to contribute to respect for the world in this time when the world is extremely important.
You get a different image from every side or position from which you look at the artwork.
This is caused by the 18 glass plates set behind each other what results in the 3D effect.Interview Television Claudia Kuyken