An Artist’s Path

Glass has held my attention for 15 years now, which is amazing because I have interests that scatter me in many directions.
Not always as Glass art but als Glass bottles, canning jars and all other kinds of Glass in different shapes and forms.


I am moved by the beauty of the earth, sea, water, sky and all other natural phenomena. I am mesmerized by color, form, contrast, iridescence, tessellating patterns, and complexity.

My studio is located in Lommel (Belgium) a town close to the Dutch border. Every morning, the first thing I do is open the Kiln and take a walk with my lovely Swiss sheperd Kelte. 

When it’s hot, glass is alive!

Molten glass consists of sand and metallic oxides combined with extraordinary, blinding heat. The result is a material that flows like honey, waves and the sea. When it’s hot, glass is alive! It moves gracefully and inexorably in response to gravity and centripetal force. It possesses an inner light and transcendent radiant heat that make it simultaneously one of the most rewarding and one of the most frustrating materials for an artist to work with.

My aim

As soon glass is in the Kiln you can not change anything anymore. Sometimes results are not what you expect because glass flows in mysterious ways and sometimes it exceeds everyones expectations.
That is what I aim for!!